Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad #04 Honeymoon

This was a difficult purchase purely because of the price point. I purchased the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad #04 Honeymoon in Australia from David Jones for $122 AUD. It can be purchased in the United States online at Sephora for $85 USD. For four shadows it is definitely up there in price……you really are paying for the brand name on this one, but isn’t that applicable to all Tom Ford products really 🤔🙈

IMG_1842 border

The packaging is a reflective brown and gold which comes with two sponge tip applicator brushes which I have already lost…….given they were Tom Ford I probably should have taken better care of them! There are four shades consisting of a sheer sparkle, satin, shimmer and matte.

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The only shade that was not up to standard was shade number four, the dark matte. For the price I expect the matte to perform like a Viseart shadow (click here for review on latest Viseart Tryst Palette), and it did not. This particular shadow was rather patchy and not the easiest to blend. The other three shadows perform like a dream which is what to be expected of product in this high end price range. They applied well with fingers and intensity was easily built up with MAC fix plus and a shader brush.

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For me this palette is not a stand alone palette. For transition, adding depth to outer corner and blending I had to use shades from another palette, specifically the Guerlain Ecrin 6 Colour palette in #10 Rue Des Francs Bourgeois.

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Even though I found one shade a dud and have to use another palette to complete an eye look, I really love this palette. I love the shade colours and I love working with them. It is Tom Ford so paying a premium is a given. Are there better shadows on the market? Yes. Is it worth the price tag? Probably not. Was it a waste of money? Not for me….Tom Ford makes me happy 😋

Full Disclosure: I used the Nars Eye base primer on my lids before using this palette as it is what I do every time I do my makeup. Links are not affiliate.

Overall I rate this product 7.5/10.

Have you got a Tom Ford product that you can not live without?? let me know in the comments xx

Quick Review: Estee Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelee 01 Heat Wave

As I missed out on it last time, I was so excited to see that Estee Lauder had re-released the Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelee. I purchased this directly from the Australian Estee Lauder site for $70 plus $5 for shipping as it was not available yet at any other retailers. It can be purchased in the United States at Sephora for $45 USD. The 2018 version differs to the previous release with a different pattern poured within the compact. Both versions are equally beautiful.

IMG_1636 border

The compact itself looks stunning but I was disappointed to find out it is made of a hard plastic rather than metal, this takes away from the lux feel of the product.

IMG_1638 border

The product itself was a beautiful gold highlight which had fine glitters within it to give a soft sheen. The glitters blend away so there is not a noticeable glitter field left on the skin. I found it difficult to apply with a brush so I used my fingers. It looked nice on the skin and also wore well as eye shadow. I am confused by the claim this is an all over bronzer?? On my nc20 skin this is a straight up highlighter.

Overall I rate this product a 7/10.

Let me know if you plan on getting this highlighter? xxx

Quick Review: Tarte Chrome Paint

My first quick review is on the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Top Yacht. I purchased this at Australian Sephora for $30 AUD, and it can be purchased at the United States Sephora for $22 USD (although the shade Top Yacht was not available online).

This product is the most opaque metallic cream shadow I have come across. Tom Ford are my favourite cream shadows as they are opaque, blend well, do not crease and add a sophisticated shimmer to the lids. The Tarte Chrome Paints differ to the Tom Ford cream shadows in that they are true metallic shades. There is nothing subtle about this product.

IMG_E1582 border

It applied very easily with my finger and wore well throughout the day…… although apart from testing purposes this is far to metallic for me to wear in the day. If you want a true metallic shade then the chrome pots are what you need!

Overall I rate this product a 8/10.

Let me know if you have any of the other Tarte Chrome Paint shades and what you think of them?  xxxx


Guerlain Meteorites Heart Shape Strobe Palette 2018

I will admit straight up that I purchased this because of the packaging. Guerlain has without a doubt knocked it out of the park with this Limited Edition palette.

The palette contains three finely milled shades consisting of two blushes and one highlight. The shades can be used on their own or mixed together for a soft glow. The shades are dark pink, soft pink and a pearl beige. Each shade has a soft sheen that adds a beautiful luminosity to the skin.

I have used this as a blush, blush topper, inner corner highlight and to add a sheen to my eye shadow. Although Guerlain recommends this can be used to contour, I personally do not find the shades are suitable for that use on my nc20 skin.


Check out the packaging on this product! As a makeup collector it was impossible to resist. This was a pricey item at $88 AUD/ $63 USD, but it is a great little palette and I am very happy to have it in my collection.

Purchase: Australia- David Jones; United States – Nordstrom

What other Limited Edition products interest you? xxx