NARS Narsissist Wanted Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

The NARS Narsissist Wanted Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette is the NARS take on the warm palette (Naked Heat; Tarte Toasted etc). This can be purchased in Australia from Mecca for $86 AUD (currently out of stock, but keep checking because Mecca will likely restock) or from the United States Sephora for $59 USD.

The palette has twelve shades consisting of five mattes, two sheens and five metallics.

IMG_1735 border

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I am a warm tone girl, and have many warm tone palettes. I think this latest addition to my warm tone palette collection was one too many. I like all the shades but I could immediately identify dupes in my other warm tone palettes. The Urban Decay Naked Heat; Tarte Toasted; and Colourpops Give It To Me Straight and Double Entendre palettes all contain similar shades to the Wanted palette…..the shade Fallen Star was probably the most unique shade in the palette.

The pigment in the mattes and sheens were decent and blended well. The issue I had was with the metallic shades, they were so disappointing. As I do with all metallic shades, I applied these with my finger to achieve best opacity, which unfortunately did not occur. They applied as a light wash of colour with visible glitters and lacked the pigment they appeared to have in the pan. Even applied with MAC Fix Plus I didn’t find they were very intense. In my opinion the metallic shades in Colourpop palettes apply better than these. The pink metallic shade Shooting Star was the biggest disappointment as the glitters looked chunky and applied patchy on the lids. To get any decent use from the Metallics I layered on top of another shadow.

This palette is not a bad palette, it is just nothing special. If you have any of the aforementioned warm toned palettes do not waste your money on this palette…..unless you especially want this for your collection.

If your after a new palette I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam (click for review) or the Viseart Tryst Palette (click for review). Both these palettes are better quality and are cheaper than the Wanted palette…which is always a good thing!

Overall I rate this palette 6/10.

Disclosure: I used the NARS eyeshadow base when testing this palette as this is what I always do. Links are not affiliate links.

I would love to hear comments about this palettes. I had heard such good reviews on it but it really did not impress me! xxxx

Quick Review: NARS Reve Sale Cheek Palette Limited Edition

The NARS Bord De Plague face palette was my favourite face palette purchase from 2017 because I loved the new formula used in the powders. When I saw that the same formula was used in the new limited edition NARS Reve Sale Cheek Palette, I grabbed it straight away. I purchased the palette from Mecca for $71 AUD. I could not find where it was available in the United States but it is slated for a spring release…….is it really possible we actually got an earlier release date for a product than the U.S??? I’m finding that hard to believe!

IMG_1662 border

The palette has solid packaging with a pretty rose gold embossed print on the front. It is a perfect travel sized highlight palette.

IMG_1665 border

The palette contains three highlighters, simply named I; II; and III. The shades are; pale apricot; soft rose shade; and a tan rose gold. They blend well on the skin and add a soft subtle sheen. On my NC20 skin the middle and last shades work well as blushes. All three shades were great layered on top of eye shadow or as inner corner highlight. I always try and test products for multiple uses. They provide a soft highlight to the cheeks which can be intensified if applied wet….this is too much shimmer for me but those who love the blinding highlight will love this!

IMG_1664 border

You can see the similarities between my beloved Bord De Plage and the Reve Sale palettes. It can be seen that the shades in the Reve Sale palette can be matched pretty closely within some of the shades in the Bord De Plage. These similarities make me think I really did not need the Reve Sale, so if you already have the Bord De Plague perhaps save your money. It is easier to travel with though, so if you love the formula and travel a lot you will probably get your moneys worth.

My final thoughts on this is that the formula is A+ and if you do not have the Bord De Plage in your collection you will be very happy with this purchase. If you have Bord De Plage maybe hold off on purchasing this until you determine if you will get much use from it.

Overall I rate this palette 7.5/10.

I would love to here your thoughts on this palette and/or the formula? xxx


Morphe x Jaclyn Hill vol.2 Palette Review

Honestly I never intended to buy this palette. I have only even bought one Morphe Palette before, which I though was pretty poor quality so I gave it to my daughter as play makeup. So when the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill vol.2 palette was released I had nil interest in it but the hype around the palette just would not stop. So a few weeks ago when I saw it on Beauty Bay I caved in and purchased it. Now this palette was not cheap at all, and given Morphe is suppose to be an “affordable” brand I was not happy having to pay $70 AUD for it. To put the price in perspective a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette costs $71 AUD. Luckily delivery was free from the U.K to Australia.To sum it up my expectations regarding this palette were low.

After receiving the palette, swatching it then applying it on my lids I can say with 100% honesty that the hype was real. To my shock this palette is actually fantastic. Full disclosure though, I used the NARS eye shadow primer on my eyelids. The packaging is thick cardboard but in my opinion this feels more lux than the normal Morphe plastic packaging but is already looking dirty from smudge marks. The colour selection was right up my alley (I love the warms) and I found it really easy to make various eye looks. The shadows applied and blended easily. This is definitely a no fuss palette that requires little work. The mattes were decent, and actually applied better than swatched. There were some lovely satins, Enlight makes a lovely inner corner highlight. The shimmer colours were amazing! They applied well with a brush but like most shimmers they apply best with a finger. It was the quality of these shimmers that made me love the palette.

The final question I asked myself  ‘was this palette worth $70‘ and to my surprise my answer is without a doubt yes! I rate this palette 8/10.

Check below for my swatches:

It appears sometimes the hype is real. Leave a comment on some products you purchased because of the hype! xx

Guerlain Meteorites Heart Shape Strobe Palette 2018

I will admit straight up that I purchased this because of the packaging. Guerlain has without a doubt knocked it out of the park with this Limited Edition palette.

The palette contains three finely milled shades consisting of two blushes and one highlight. The shades can be used on their own or mixed together for a soft glow. The shades are dark pink, soft pink and a pearl beige. Each shade has a soft sheen that adds a beautiful luminosity to the skin.

I have used this as a blush, blush topper, inner corner highlight and to add a sheen to my eye shadow. Although Guerlain recommends this can be used to contour, I personally do not find the shades are suitable for that use on my nc20 skin.


Check out the packaging on this product! As a makeup collector it was impossible to resist. This was a pricey item at $88 AUD/ $63 USD, but it is a great little palette and I am very happy to have it in my collection.

Purchase: Australia- David Jones; United States – Nordstrom

What other Limited Edition products interest you? xxx