Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad #04 Honeymoon

This was a difficult purchase purely because of the price point. I purchased the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad #04 Honeymoon in Australia from David Jones for $122 AUD. It can be purchased in the United States online at Sephora for $85 USD. For four shadows it is definitely up there in price……you really are paying for the brand name on this one, but isn’t that applicable to all Tom Ford products really 🤔🙈

IMG_1842 border

The packaging is a reflective brown and gold which comes with two sponge tip applicator brushes which I have already lost…….given they were Tom Ford I probably should have taken better care of them! There are four shades consisting of a sheer sparkle, satin, shimmer and matte.

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The only shade that was not up to standard was shade number four, the dark matte. For the price I expect the matte to perform like a Viseart shadow (click here for review on latest Viseart Tryst Palette), and it did not. This particular shadow was rather patchy and not the easiest to blend. The other three shadows perform like a dream which is what to be expected of product in this high end price range. They applied well with fingers and intensity was easily built up with MAC fix plus and a shader brush.

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For me this palette is not a stand alone palette. For transition, adding depth to outer corner and blending I had to use shades from another palette, specifically the Guerlain Ecrin 6 Colour palette in #10 Rue Des Francs Bourgeois.

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Even though I found one shade a dud and have to use another palette to complete an eye look, I really love this palette. I love the shade colours and I love working with them. It is Tom Ford so paying a premium is a given. Are there better shadows on the market? Yes. Is it worth the price tag? Probably not. Was it a waste of money? Not for me….Tom Ford makes me happy 😋

Full Disclosure: I used the Nars Eye base primer on my lids before using this palette as it is what I do every time I do my makeup. Links are not affiliate.

Overall I rate this product 7.5/10.

Have you got a Tom Ford product that you can not live without?? let me know in the comments xx

OG Product Review: Chanel Soleil De Chanel

I have decided to start a review series on OG products. Products that are not new to the market but still have people wanting them because they once had a lot of hype. It seemed fitting to start this series with the ever popular Chanel Soleil De Chanel makeup base. The Chanel De Soleil Chanel makeup base can be purchased in Australia from David Jones for $69 AUD or from the United States at Nordstrom for $50 USD.

IMG_1802 border

There is a lot of product here! a whopping 30 grams to be exact. I have had mine for two years and have not put much of a dent in it (yes I know makeup expires but I keep it unless it separates or smells funky…..and this has not happened to this product yet).

IMG_1805 border

Do not be scared by the orange appearance of this product. I know it looks a bit scary because the orange appearance of the product was the reason why I procrastinated on buying this for so long! The cream blends out to a beautiful natural bronze glow on my nc20 skin. It looks so natural and does not throw out a hint of orange.

IMG_1804 border

I find this applies best with my finger (softly dabbing and blending out) or with a stiffer brush like the Real Techniques one shown above (I have no idea the exact name as it has worn off). A dual fiber brush would work well with this product. I often use this as a bronzing cream base before applying a bronzing powder like the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow on top. If you apply to much of this product it can easily be blended out to a natural finish. This really is a fool proof product!

Overall I love this product, it is a staple in my top draw which I would replace without a second thought if it ever ran out. I rate this product 9/10.

I would love to know if your thoughts on this product! xxxx

Quick Review: Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo Reflects Gilt

I am a fan of most TomFord makeup……hate the price but love the products! I procrastinated on purchasing the TomFord Reflects Gilt Highlighter for a while but once I saw it in person I bought it straight away……its just so pretty!

I purchased the TomFord Sheer Highlighting Duo Reflects Gilt from David Jones for $123 AUD. It can be purchased from United States Sephora for $80 USD. Even with currency conversion the price mark up in Australia is ridiculous on this product.

IMG_1812 border

The packaging is the typical gorgeous TomFord white and gold, which looks luxurious yet lacks the weight I would expect of a product in this price range (this is due to the fact the packaging is hard plastic rather than a sturdy metal).

IMG_1813 border

Inside the compact are two gorgeous highlighters. The top shade is gold (representing the sunrise) and the bottom is a rose gold (representing the sunset). Both shades swatch quite sheer but when applied on the face they give a gorgeous sheen to the cheeks. There is nothing sheer about this highlight when applied to the face! Both shades work well on the eyelids and for inner corner highlights.

There is no doubt that this is insanely expensive but its TomFord, and nothing beats TomFord when you want to treat yourself!

Overall I rate this product 8.5/10.

I am going to be writing more TomFord product  reviews in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those if you are interested in other products from the brand. I would love to know what TomFord products you want or love? xxxx