Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad #04 Honeymoon

This was a difficult purchase purely because of the price point. I purchased the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad #04 Honeymoon in Australia from David Jones for $122 AUD. It can be purchased in the United States online at Sephora for $85 USD. For four shadows it is definitely up there in price……you really are paying for the brand name on this one, but isn’t that applicable to all Tom Ford products really 🤔🙈

IMG_1842 border

The packaging is a reflective brown and gold which comes with two sponge tip applicator brushes which I have already lost…….given they were Tom Ford I probably should have taken better care of them! There are four shades consisting of a sheer sparkle, satin, shimmer and matte.

IMG_1844 border

The only shade that was not up to standard was shade number four, the dark matte. For the price I expect the matte to perform like a Viseart shadow (click here for review on latest Viseart Tryst Palette), and it did not. This particular shadow was rather patchy and not the easiest to blend. The other three shadows perform like a dream which is what to be expected of product in this high end price range. They applied well with fingers and intensity was easily built up with MAC fix plus and a shader brush.

IMG_1846 border

For me this palette is not a stand alone palette. For transition, adding depth to outer corner and blending I had to use shades from another palette, specifically the Guerlain Ecrin 6 Colour palette in #10 Rue Des Francs Bourgeois.

IMG_1845 border

Even though I found one shade a dud and have to use another palette to complete an eye look, I really love this palette. I love the shade colours and I love working with them. It is Tom Ford so paying a premium is a given. Are there better shadows on the market? Yes. Is it worth the price tag? Probably not. Was it a waste of money? Not for me….Tom Ford makes me happy 😋

Full Disclosure: I used the Nars Eye base primer on my lids before using this palette as it is what I do every time I do my makeup. Links are not affiliate.

Overall I rate this product 7.5/10.

Have you got a Tom Ford product that you can not live without?? let me know in the comments xx

Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette Review

I have wanted the Nabla Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette for a while now but it was always out of stock on (and I was not going to order it direct from Nabla because I didn’t like the shipping charge to Australia). Recently it came back in stock at Beauty Bay for $60.70 AUD with free shipping. BeautyBay post all over the world so if you are having trouble finding this palette head over to their site.

IMG_1887 border

The palette is made from thick sturdy cardboard and is embossed with yellow gold, rose gold and silver stars…….it is very cute packaging.

The palette has twelve shadows consisting of five mattes, two pearl and four metallics. The pearl shades Immaculate and Vanitas are both duo-chromes. Immaculate is a white duo-chrome and Vanitas is a peach-pink duo-chrome, both have gold reflects.

The mattes in this palette are very soft and extremely pigmented. I only needed to softly dab my brush into the pans to pick up product. They all blended out effortlessly and none were patchy. They remind me of Viseart mattes (click here for a review of the Viseart Tryst palette)

The pearl and metallic shades applied perfectly with my finger and the intensity of the shimmer was strong even without Mac Fix Plus and a brush. The pearl shade Immaculate makes a beautiful inner corner highlight.

The only complaint I have with this palette…..and it is a tiny complaint, is that I had to use my trusty single Bobbi Brown shadow in Wheat as an all over lid shade to set my eye primer as this palette did not have a shade light enough for my nc20 skin. This is really not a big deal to me but worth mentioning.

I really love this palette! The formula is fantastic and it has some unique shades mixed in with the mattes. It does not lean warm or cool toned, making this a very versatile palette.

Full Disclosure: I used the Nars Eye base primer on my lids before using this palette as it is what I do every time I do my makeup. Links are not affiliate.

Overall I rate this product 9/10.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this palette! xx

NARS Narsissist Wanted Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

The NARS Narsissist Wanted Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette is the NARS take on the warm palette (Naked Heat; Tarte Toasted etc). This can be purchased in Australia from Mecca for $86 AUD (currently out of stock, but keep checking because Mecca will likely restock) or from the United States Sephora for $59 USD.

The palette has twelve shades consisting of five mattes, two sheens and five metallics.

IMG_1735 border

IMG_1736 border

I am a warm tone girl, and have many warm tone palettes. I think this latest addition to my warm tone palette collection was one too many. I like all the shades but I could immediately identify dupes in my other warm tone palettes. The Urban Decay Naked Heat; Tarte Toasted; and Colourpops Give It To Me Straight and Double Entendre palettes all contain similar shades to the Wanted palette…..the shade Fallen Star was probably the most unique shade in the palette.

The pigment in the mattes and sheens were decent and blended well. The issue I had was with the metallic shades, they were so disappointing. As I do with all metallic shades, I applied these with my finger to achieve best opacity, which unfortunately did not occur. They applied as a light wash of colour with visible glitters and lacked the pigment they appeared to have in the pan. Even applied with MAC Fix Plus I didn’t find they were very intense. In my opinion the metallic shades in Colourpop palettes apply better than these. The pink metallic shade Shooting Star was the biggest disappointment as the glitters looked chunky and applied patchy on the lids. To get any decent use from the Metallics I layered on top of another shadow.

This palette is not a bad palette, it is just nothing special. If you have any of the aforementioned warm toned palettes do not waste your money on this palette…..unless you especially want this for your collection.

If your after a new palette I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam (click for review) or the Viseart Tryst Palette (click for review). Both these palettes are better quality and are cheaper than the Wanted palette…which is always a good thing!

Overall I rate this palette 6/10.

Disclosure: I used the NARS eyeshadow base when testing this palette as this is what I always do. Links are not affiliate links.

I would love to hear comments about this palettes. I had heard such good reviews on it but it really did not impress me! xxxx

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette Review

I did not even attempt to wait for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette to be released in Australia or on my trusty Beautylish, I ordered it and the Amrezy Highlighter directly from the ABH website the day it was released, happily accepting the ridiculous $17 USD shipping fee to Australia. The Soft Glam palette can be purchased directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills  for $42 USD plus shipping.

I’m sure there are already a tonne of reviews on this palette so I will try and keep this short and sweet. The palette has the same velvet like covering as Modern Renaissance, which is a pale mustard colour…’s not the nicest colour I have ever seen.

IMG_1700 border

The palette contains fourteen shades consisting of nine mattes and five shimmers, two of which are glitters. Three shades; Tempera; Burnt Orange; and Cyprus Umber are repeats from the Modern Renaissance palette.

IMG_1697 border

IMG_1698 border

Full disclosure, I applied the Nars Eye base primer before using these shadow as it is what I do every time I do my makeup. These shadows have great pigment and I had no trouble blending them out. The black shade, Noir, is not the blackest shade I have ever used but I don’t suit dark eye looks so this does not bother me. Like the Modern Renaissance palette, you only need to dip into the mattes softly otherwise they will kick up  powder. The shimmer shades applied well with a finger, and intensity could be increased with MAC fix plus sprayed on a brush before you dip in. The two glitter shimmer shades applied well with the above methods mentioned but did have a little fallout, which could probably be remedied with some glitter glue (I did not have any on hand to test this).

IMG_1699 border

I love the shade selection in this palette, especially the shimmer shades.  I did not mind the repeated shades from Modern Renaissance as this palette is still different enough for me to justify owning both. To be honest I prefer the shades in the Soft Glam palette to Modern Renaissance but this is personal preference. The quality is the same as Modern Renaissance for those of you who are worried Soft Glam may be a Subculture repeat.

Overall I rate this palette a 8.5/10

I would love to hear your thoughts on this palette 💕xxxxx

Viseart Tryst Eyeshadow Palette Review

I was super excited to get my hands on this one! I purchased the Viseart Tryst Eye Shadow Palette from Beautylish for $49 USD. I can not recommend Beautylish enough, I order from them all the time because I can get products at better than Aussie prices, quicker than Aussie release dates and fast deliver which is free on orders over $50 USD to Australia.

IMG_1624 border

The Viseart Tryst palette comes in a sturdy plastic palette with a soft rose gold metal face. It looks and feels expensive. Inside there are nine shadows consisting of three mattes and six shimmers.

IMG_1625 border

Typical of Viseart shadows, the quality is amazing. The mattes have great pigment and blend easily. You really do not need to dig your brush into the mattes, just a little dab and you will have the pigment you need.  The shimmers applied beautifully with a finger and looked gorgeous on the lids. These colour are right up my alley so I was happy to see they performed just as well as they looked. The shadows lasted all day and were easy to work with….. I really could not ask for more.

Overall I rate this palette 9/10.

Let me know your thoughts on Viseart as a brand overall? because I am impressed! xxxxx

Kat Von D Metal Matte Mini Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

I was not going to purchase the Kat Von D Metal Matte Mini Eyeshadow palette but I ended up adding it to a Sephora order with a ‘may as well get this’ attitude. I purchased this from Sephora Australia for $60 AUD. Shoppers in the United States can purchase this from Sephora US for $39 USD.

The palette comes in the typical Kat Von D thick cardboard and has the very cool Metal Matte ambigram written on it. Inside there are ten shadows consisting of five metals and five mattes. Unfortunately for anyone who has the original larger palette the five mattes and two of the metals are repeats from that palette. Given the repeats, this palette really does not represent value to owners of the original palette unless you were after those shadows in a travel friendly size. I do not own the original palette so for me they were all new shadows added to my collection.


IMG_1579 border

From the five metal shadows Thunderstruck; Doce; and Raw Power were shades not included in the first palette. Most people would have heard of the shade Thunderstruck which is a well known Kat Von D single eyeshadow/highlighter. All the metals shades were very pigmented and applied best with a finger.

IMG_E1563 matte


The five matte shades were all repeats from the original palette. They had decent pigmentation and were easy to work with. I was really not into the pastel yellow shade Feather, but will get use out of the other matte shades.

The metal shades were stand out in this palette and I can see myself using them with other palettes.

Overall this is a good palette but I feel the price was a bit steep at $60 AUD, given you can pick at the Kat Von D shade and light eyeshadow palette for $65 AUD. I rate this palette a 7/10.

I would love to know your thoughts on this palette or the original? xx

Tarte Clay Play Volume II Palette Review

Let me start this review by saying that I love the Tarte Clay Play Vol.1 Palette! I was lucky enough to pick it up on my trip to the United States last year on sale for $25 USD. Given my love of the first palette, it goes without saying that I was super excited to order the follow up palette. I ordered it from Sephora Australia for $75 AUD, which is $5 more expensive than ordering directly from, although has a $90 AUD minimum spend for free shipping to Australia. If you are lucky enough to live in the United States this palette can be purchased from Sephora for $46 USD…. gotta love the premium us Aussies pay for makeup 😦

Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with this palette. For starters the packaging is just lazy. Tarte used the exact same packaging, including shade names from the first volume. I can only assume the first palette did not sell as many units as they hoped, leaving Tarte with excess packaging which they sloppily decided to use for another palette (I mean labeling a copper bronze shimmer Onyx???…come on Tarte).

The second issue I have with this palette is it only has five different shades to the original, being three shimmers, one blush and one highlight. Check out the similarities below.

IMG_1572 two tarte border

The third issue I have with this palette is that the five new shades are not unique, and certainly do not warrant buying this palette if you have the first one. The three shimmer shades Stone, Smoke and Onyx are easily duped; the blush shade Desert is a nice but nothing special; and the highlighter Timber is too chunky to work on the cheeks…. but works well as eye shadow.

IMG_1585 tarte swathes 1 border

IMG_1589 swatch 2 tarte border

Maybe if you do not own the first palette then this palette would not feel so meh. It does have that lovely cocoa smell and the quality is decent, but if you own the first palette I think you would find this one very disappointing.

I rate this palette a 5/10 and if we could return opened makeup in Australia I would return it.

Let me know your thoughts, have you got the first palette? do you think you would buy this palette? xxxx