Quick Review: Tarte Chrome Paint

My first quick review is on the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Top Yacht. I purchased this at Australian Sephora for $30 AUD, and it can be purchased at the United States Sephora for $22 USD (although the shade Top Yacht was not available online).

This product is the most opaque metallic cream shadow I have come across. Tom Ford are my favourite cream shadows as they are opaque, blend well, do not crease and add a sophisticated shimmer to the lids. The Tarte Chrome Paints differ to the Tom Ford cream shadows in that they are true metallic shades. There is nothing subtle about this product.

IMG_E1582 border

It applied very easily with my finger and wore well throughout the day…… although apart from testing purposes this is far to metallic for me to wear in the day. If you want a true metallic shade then the chrome pots are what you need!

Overall I rate this product a 8/10.

Let me know if you have any of the other Tarte Chrome Paint shades and what you think of them?  xxxx


2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Tarte Chrome Paint

  1. I did not know about the Tarte Chrome Paints. It is sooooooo pretty. I have seen Tom Ford Cream shadows which is very tempting. But since Tarte has come out with these I will definitely going to get these next time. Loved your review. 🙂 I love the lay out of your blog with such huge and beautiful pictures.


  2. Thank you so much, you say the nicest things 💕. I was impressed with the tarte crome paints, they are so metallic! But Tom Ford are my favourite cream shadows, they are 10/10 for me xxxx


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